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Process & Technology

Engineering Capability

Backed by a highly competent team, coupled with engineering capability and extensive experience in international standards and GD&T, we at GTN review the product configuration base lines prior to our acceptance of contract.

GTN’s journey towards delivering a high quality output begins here, by making use of high-end design software’s for 3D modelling, drafting CAM programing and validation, we eliminate potential defect prior to production by verifying and validating the CNC programs and communication done thru DNC for all the CNC machines. By applying advance tools and fixtures, we optimise the development and manufacturing lead time, besides manufacturing the products with high accuracies & close tolerances.

To ensure a consistent approach, GTN tracks and controls the changes, Configuration Management Process helps us to maintain and trace customer supplied documents, engineering documents and amendments for each product.

Special Process

We are proud to say that our Special Processes are one of our key strengths. We perform different Heat Treatment & Surface Treatment processes in-house to improve the Mechanical and Corrosion resistant properties.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

We have different furnaces, electrically heated upto 1200 °C temperature and calibrated to International standards with water & oil quenching facilities.

(Job Size & Weight – 1500L x 1200W x 1200H & 1500 Kgs)


  • Gas carburising Furnace
  • Vertical forced air circulation Furnace
  • Fixed hearth furnace
  • High temp oven
  • Muffle furnace


Normalising AISI 4130, AISI 4140
Hardening & Tempering AISI 4130, AISI 4140, AISI 410, SA516 Gr 70, ASTM A106
Furnace Annealing Aluminium alloys
Solution Annealing 17-4PH, SS316, Aluminium alloys
Aging 17-4PH, Aluminium alloys
Stress Relieving Maraging steel
Stage Annealing Copper alloys

Surface Preparation

Grit Blasting

We can perform Grit blasting with different grit material like Aluminium oxide & Chilled iron and create different Anchor patterns for further coating.


We do surface cleaning with high pressure water Jet machine of Operating pressure max 300 bar & 100-degree Celsius heat.

Super Finishing



We perform lapping process with aluminium oxide grit using single and double side lapping machines to prepare finishing requirements of < 0.2?m surface finish and flatness of 0 to 4 light bands.


We perform honing process to improve the surface finish < 0.2 Microns for the component size ID 25 mm to 500 mm.

Surface Treatment



We can perform different types of surface coatings including conversion, diffusion and deposition on different material grades.

Conversion Coating

Black oxide process

Phosphating – Coating Thickness 15 Microns
Black oxide coating – Hot Alkaline
Passivation – Nitric + Sodium di chromate

Deposition Coating

Xylan – PTFE – 20 to 30 Microns
Molybdenum di sulphide will be 15 to 20 microns
Electroless Nickel – 15 to 100 microns
(Nickel > 87 – 91% Phosphorus > 9 – 13%)
Rilsan coating – 250 to 350 microns

Diffusion Coating

Diffusion coating with Liquid Nitriding & Oxidation are done to improve wear and corrosion resistance of Products.


Diffusion coating with Liquid Nitriding & Oxidation are done to improve wear and corrosion resistance of Products.



Finished components are painted using Acrylic or Epoxy primers, followed by Polyurethane or Epoxy top coats so as to improve surface protection.

Assembly & Testing

Assembly & Testing

Our assembly experts are experienced with Aero Structural Assembly including sheet metal riveting, Mechanical Assembly & Torqueing.

  • Mechanical Assembly & Torqueing (3000 ft-lbs)
  • Structural Assembly & Sheet Metal Riveting
  • Vacuum Testing (0.760 mmHg)
  • Pressure Testing using Hydraulic (up to 10000 PSI)
  • Hydrostatic, Nitrogen Gas as medium (up to 25000 PSI)
  • Environment Testing with Hot and Cold chamber (-70 to 250 deg. C)